Do you know the expression “Pandora’s box”? 

You know, like when something pretty bad or chaotic is happening, you could say a “Pandora’s box” has been opened?

Google’s definition of a Pandora’s Box is: “a process that generates many complicated problems as the result of unwise interference in something.”

Kinda sounds like the world we live right now, huh?

The story of Pandora is based on the Greek myth about how a beautiful woman unleashed a fury of doom into human life by opening a box of “evils” when she was told not to. All beauty, no brains (hmmm, reminds me of another story about an apple and a snake).

When Pandora realized she was responsible for death, disease, poverty and more, she slammed the box closed in despair, leaving the antidote for these ills HOPE in the box. Oh Pandora!

But Pandora is also the name of the celestial world in the movie Avatar – a world where life thrived in balance before humans interfered with the natural order of things.

Hmmm, I love how art/myth/story imitates and mirrors life.


Myths were and still are important for explaining human life – us humans are, after all, a curious bunch who are capable of wondrous creations and unspeakable atrocities and everything in between.

Andorra’s Box is my “personal myth” – a personal orientation to life and perspective as a privileged, educated woman of the first world, navigating the foothills of the second half of life. A woman with certain freedoms to live the way that feels best for me and my loved ones. A woman who has had enough ups and downs to have learned a thing or two about life (with more to learn and experience for sure).

Professionally and outwardly, I am the founder of a personal coaching/mentoring service for people who seek to weave spiritual exploration and expression into life choices, change, and personal healing and growth journeys. That’s a fancy way of saying I am a Spiritual Director.

Personally and inwardly, I identify as a social and affable introvert – highly sensitive, and tuned to currents of energies that many of us aren’t sensitive to (yet). I prefer nature and animals to most people (that’s only because I live in a big noisy city – most peeps are actually pretty ok). I aim to live clean and holistically. I am inspired by deep intellect and connection, well-executed satire and humour, kindness, courtesy, and art, words and music that make me feel something. I value and invest in personal growth and make pleasure a priority. As a former Communications professional, I also enjoy wordplay and am prone to spontaneous haiku creation.

Hence “Andorra’s Box” as a play on words on Pandora’s Box – and my desire to be an expression of hope and inspiration – cuz I believe that we need some sacred hope and inspiration with the state the world is in right now.

And who couldn’t use a little hope when life gets messy and tests us at our core.

So out of ANDORRA’S BOX, I give you honest accounts about my journeys of growth, healing, personal development and transformation, and taking empowered action to claim my “soul expression” – which is unfolding here, via words and pictures.

My aim is to celebrate human resilience so that I can dream and love better and make my life mean something good, which is what I wish for all of us.

I hope you find some of yourself here, so YOUR soul expression finds its place and makes you feel good.


** The cloud heart above is a photo I took at the Grand Canyon on September 20, 2011. I know the cloud is just a random cluster of water vapor molecules, but for all who looked up at the same moment I did to see what I saw, it was magic from the natural world that made our hearts and souls smile. Pure love.